Monday, January 18, 2010

Thought spelled in....

Hello everyone who probably will never read this. It is a wierd concept writing a blog. Blogging!!!! What is blogging? An online journal, diary of sort. Possibly?! To me I will define it as follows: A loose, unorganized, way for me to share thoughts that occur to me. The amount of thought provided in each entry will be minimal, however, as most thoughts occur they will sprout from my mind to my fingers then finally on this journal entry. Of course I'm sure I may have a general idea about what I want to write about it, but as most things in my life they will come together as I write not before or after. Anyway, not to bore myself or any person reading this. I will quietley end my blog for now. What will I write next time I don't know.

To continue....

I realized I wanted to write more.

Here's the DEAL.... I am willing to write about just about anything and if anyone happens to come accross my blog in their internet journey feel free to post comments, if possible. I can't believe its 2010 and I hardly no about the intra-web. It is a shame that if you stop paying attention to the web for 1 or 2 years you'll get lost and not no whats going on. Anyway, if it is possbily to post than post if you like how I write or if you like what I write about. I'm not the most grammatical person so excuse any Arors. Thanks for that.

Sweet Deal.

I'll be a postin'


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